Im used dynamo scripts for


  1. Import/Export Excel
  2. Autofill Typemark Values
  3. Placing Co-ordinate points for irregular shape of slab.
  4. Coping the host based revit families from architectural model to MEP Models, (eg Lighting Fixture).
  5. Mapping Revit elements to navisworks 4D for Construction Sequence using element ID.
  6. Renumbering the Revit Sheets
  7. Placing the legend view in Multiple sheets at same Location
  8. Automatic Placing pipes based on the 2D lines Drawn on the Project
  9. Copying Elements from Linked File and placing it current Model as per exact coordinate Point and Orientations of Elements.
  10. Automatic Duct Sizing as per the Flow and Velocity by the following two types of selection.
  • By Manually Selecting the Ducts wherever required, or
  • By Auto Selecting the Duct in the Entire Project and it can be filtered as per requirement
  1.  Auto creation of sheets from Excel.
  2.  Wall Opening Based on Duct and Pipe




Link for Important Python Scripts

Python Revit Dynamo













































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